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Use Olive Oil for Frying

Use Olive Oil for Frying

It is generally recommended that fried food is avoided or consumed sparingly. However, vegetable-based dishes fried in olive oil were common in traditional Mediterranean diets without, it appears, the negative health effects we associate with fried foods.The reason for this may be that the foods are fried in olive oil, and not in unhealthy seed oils.

A British study had already shown that occasional consumption of fried foods was not associated with coronary heart disease events, as long as the food was fried in fresh (not re-used) olive oil and the individuals were following a Mediterranean diet.

Now, a new study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, analyzed the repeated deep frying and pan frying in 4 different refined oils: olive, corn, soybean, and sunflower. The researchers evaluated the status of the oils after being heated ten times, measuring several chemical parameters.

The refined olive oil had the highest resistance and lowest deterioration of quality compared to all of the others. The highest deterioration occurred in the refined sunflower oil.

The findings are even more significant in the context of commercial frying, such as in restaurants.

Refined olive oil is the common olive oil grade olive obtained through an industrial process of chemical refining to remove undesirable qualities such as excessive acidity and unpleasant flavors. This olive oil does not contain many of the widely touted health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, which contains a host of nutrients and antioxidants. Nevertheless it can be a useful and a healthier alternative for repeated frying compared to other cooking oils such as corn or soybean.

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Bovi’s Organic Greek Olive Oil | Ithomatas Dias


Το Βιολογικό Εξαιρετικό Παρθένο Ελαιόλαδο των κτημάτων Μπόβη, είναι ένα οικογενειακό προϊόν.

Καλλιεργούμε με τις μεθόδους της βιολογικής καλλιέργειας από το 2007.

Ο ελαιώνας μας βρίσκεται σε ένα χωριό με το όνομα Βαλύρα, έδρα του Δήμου Ιθώμης στην Μεσσηνία. Η περιοχή της Ιθώμης προσφέρει ένα ιδανικό μικρο-κλίμα για την παραγωγή ποιοτικού ελαιολάδου.

Ο στόχος μας δεν είναι η μεγάλη παραγωγή, αλλά η διάθεση ενός γευστικού προϊόντος, πλούσιου σε αντιοξειδωτικά και άλλες υγιεινές ιδιότητες, με φρουτώδη γεύση και μοναδικό πλούσιο άρωμα που έχει αιχμαλωτίσει τις μυρωδιές των γύρω βοτάνων.

Pure organic olive oil from traditional Messinian naturally grown olive trees without additives.

The «Koreneiki» olives that we use are only from the region of ‘Ithome’ in Messinia.

Our production reflects our beliefs within our company and it is environmentally friendly as we value the source of our unique quality and try to protect the environment that we believe in by working with nature. 

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  ΕΛΑΙΟΛΑΔΟ ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΗΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑΣ (Bovi’s Organic Greek olive oil)

 Bovi’s Organic Greek Olive Oil | Ithomatas Dias

Ο Έλληνας φιλόσοφος Επίκτητος

Ο Έλληνας φιλόσοφος Επίκτητος είχε πει για το μέγα δράμα του γένους:

«Η Τύχη, η τυφλή θεά, η τελευταία στην οποία θα πάψω να πιστεύω, πρόδωσε συχνά τους Έλληνες στο δρόμο τους.


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